Also known as “backlinks”, “inbound links” or “incoming links” have, for a long time, been the cornerstone of ranking algorithms for search engines.

Backlinks usually mean one website has linked to another website e.g. >>>

The importance of inbound links to the SEO performance of a website cannot be understated, as historically backlinks have been counted as “votes” which Google interpreted as signals to help order websits within it’s index.

In the early days, ranking sites based on incoming links was relatively simple, with sites that gained the most links generally earning higher rankings. However, as the web developed and as SEOs began understanding and exploiting this to get their websites to the top of search engine results pages changes were made which sought to limit the impact of links.

Even today in 2019, backlinks still form a crucial part of search engine ranking algorithms with additional data from each specific link, website page, linking root domain and the type of link all interpreted as “signals” by Google.

Relevance, intent & follow vs nofollowed

As well as looking at the overall numbers of links that both website pages and website domains gain, Google is able to assess things like;

  • anchor text (highlighted text content which encases links)
  • relevance (both at page and site level of origin link to link destination)
  • followed links (are officially the only ones which directly count towards rankings)
  • nofollowed links (supposedly do not directly impact rankings but can contribute to the performance of your site in other ways)
  • quality (closely tied to relevance but loosely, links from higher “authority” websites are more valuable.

How Search/Natural can help you

We have many years experience and understanding in how to generate backlinks for websites.

We can help you to;

  • assess competitors for their current backlink profile
  • identify where your site will benefit from links the most
  • create and implement a strategy to generate links in one hit or as an ongoing basis

We utilise tried and tested methods like newsjacking and strategic outreach campaigns to build good quality, relevant links to the most important pages on your site.

Contact us to to discuss your link building efforts and get an insight in to how we can help build quality links for you.