SEO Education


Here at Search/Natural, we’re not shy about sharing the “secret sauce” of SEO (spoiler; there is no secret just hard work, testing, practice and patience).

If your key stakeholders and front end teams are interested in learning more about SEO then we can help.

We’ve delivered presentations to rooms of over 200 people (plus a few more dialling in remotely) on the importance of SEO, current & year on year performance and what the business should focus on for the future.

If SEO is your business priority then we can help.

What we can cover

We can cover topics specific to your business like;

  • year on year performance analysis – highlighting where and how to improve
  • findings from a website audit we have produced for your business
  • opportunity analysis and future priorities for your business
  • where your competitors are winning; links, content and technical

Specific presentations are best coupled with a comprehensive site audit so we can fully understand your site today. We’ll then produce a presentation to help explain our critical findings to your teams.

Alternatively, we can cover a broader more generic SEO best practice topics like;

  • the importance of content and why it’s more than just the words on the page
  • gaining links to rank and how to do so from sites that matter
  • site speed; optimisations & best practice
  • technical SEO best practice with examples of how and where this can go wrong

The broader concept and more generic topics can be better for websites new to market or businesses which have very little SEO experience within the teams.

Contact us if you’re unsure what your business needs and we can discuss a presentation style that could help you and your teams.

Thoughtfully Delivered

We approach this kind of work with an understanding that your colleagues within your teams have worked incredibly hard building the business to where it is today and are rightly, proud of their work.

These presentations are offered as very much an educational service and not something that seeks to lay blame on teams or individuals within the business.

With that in mind, we aim to create presentations that are fun, engaging and not filled with heavy technical jargon (although, some technical coverage normally makes sense, it will also vary by topic).

Our ultimate aim with our educational days is to help get everyone within your organisation as excited about SEO as we are and ensure your business is set up to win in SEO going forward.

Who are these presentations for?

We’ve found this service to be incredibly useful for businesses who want to;

  • guarantee their SEO strategy is best in class
  • understand how to fix the critical technical issues which can affect your website performance
  • generate leads with no direct associated cost
  • encourage leads and conversions from “free” organic search traffic away from a reliance on PPC which has high direct costs associated.
  • recover SEO traffic as quickly as possible after a drop