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SEO Content Strategy Services

Content is one of the most important ranking factors in organic search optimisation today. Alongside links and technical, SEO content is one of the three pillars crucial to organic search success.

Defining a content led SEO strategy can be crucial for the success of your website and can be easier when you understand the steps needed to help ensure your content gets crawled and indexed by search engines.

We can help you grow the volume of valuable traffic to your website with a detailed SEO content strategy.

How to Define an SEO Content Plan

Good SEO content strategies often include a large amount of front-loaded work such as;

  • keyword research; define & group priority keywords for your site
  • competitor analysis by understanding what your competitors target and rank for it is easier to determine the feasibility for a site like yours to rank and what your expected position might be. Competitor research can also help you identify keywords to target.
  • content specs & outlines; create content plans for each specific subject within each topic or sector
  • defined tone of voice although not always crucial for every site, a uniform approach to creating content can ensure the quality of the pieces you produce is consistent.
  • strategic internal linking to ensure your content links to relevant and useful pages elsewhere on your website. Content today is very often about helping users achieve their goals, rather than simply targeting a set of keywords that you want to rank for.
  • SEO & content writer collaboration to get the best results from content for both users and search engines. Whether you are defining titles for your long copy content or defining which is the most important page to link to from a guide SEOs should be on hand to collaborate with your writers.
  • ongoing performance tracking and improvement To truly succeed in SEO the content you should publish needs to appeal to your core users and act as a way of getting your site in front of more users. Your content should evolve as your marketing strategy does, while returning a consistent base level of traffic to your site. We can help define a content strategy appropriate for your sector that will gain organic traffic and can be used widely on social media too.
  • link building & outreach although every piece of content should be high quality because that way it will gain links naturally, content without links is like binoculars with the lens caps left on. A defined outreach strategy for your highest priority content pieces can help get your content to perform in search.

Creating content that ranks well in search engines today, is an exciting and engaging process.

The benefits of a carefully planned and executed content strategy include;

  1. traffic and real term visitor growth to your website
  2. better contextual experiences for users
    • both of which can increase conversions
  3. variation of targeting to new verticals or topics to diversify your business coverage
  4. improved Expertise Authority and Trust (specifically within Google’s ranking algorithm).
  5. internal linking possibilities (more links to your important pages from a higher number of relevant pages)
  6. linking potential – acquire backlinks without actively outreaching content
  7. freshness boosts for pages with fresh content added

Here are the types of content you might want to priortise if you work in financial services or are a fintech business.

Here is how SEO can benefit your small business.

Why Create a Content Strategy for SEO?

An SEO led content strategy can form an essential part of any website growth plan.

Strategically produced and targeted SEO content can help not only bring in more traffic but can also help with;

  • Creating content on your website most relevant to the products and services you offer to help build authority around those products and lead to better rankings, increased visibility and more sales.
  • Ensure you create unique content for your website that hasn’t already been written – as websites get older, it’s more common for sites to duplicate content which can lead to issues with cannibalisation and cause problems later on. Defining what you are writing upfront can mitigate long term risk.
  • SEO content planning upfront can offer clarity on the types of piece you will be producing for the site and allow you to understand how each content piece will connect together and fit into the wider content project.
  • Conversion led SEO content strategies – with a holistic view of the content project, you can identify; how pieces link together, which stage of the buying process your web visitors may be at when clicking on your content and what the next steps might be to encourage them to complete the transaction.
  • Site structure and internal linking – with upfront definition of your content development pipeline, you’ll get to understand how best to structure content on your site and how to link internally to allow users and search engines to move between your pieces. This can help establish relevancy between content and products and establish good internal linking practices within your marketing teams.

An effective SEO content strategy can generate work for your marketing teams for years to come and combined with expert organic search consultancy, could see your website, customer base and sales totals increase rapidly.

Here is why content is important for SEO, traffic growth and client acquisition.

Help Users Achieve Goals

There is no secret to great SEO content. Creating a content strategy for SEO can help you focus your business on the core problems that you are trying to solve for your users.

Creating a content strategy based on helping your users complete their goals quickly and effectively is one of the best ways to grow you presence in search results.

This is what truly great content offers. Content pieces that focus on fully meeting the needs of the user are much more likely to acquire links, visitors and rank well in search engines than content without any strategic intent.

How Search/Natural can help

Here at Search/Natural, we can help you. We are experts in planning and implementing content strategies and can help your business.

We can help define a relevant, valuable, long term viable SEO content plan for your business with our content led SEO service.

Our SEO content strategy services & what you will get

Our content strategy services can help you develop your content strategy that will bring you valuable traffic. We can offer;

  1. Research and identify keywords your site should target
  2. A detailed opportunity analysis so you can see the biggest revenue opportunities alongside how difficult it will be to rank for that set of queries.
  3. Define page-level spec sheets for content writers to follow so you can be confident your whole team is on board with SEO prioritisation.
  4. Work with your writers to create a tone of voice and be on hand to answer any SEO content best practice queries they may have.
  5. Assess performance and changes to the rankings of your existing content so that you have clarity over how your important content performs, how we can grow traffic and which other subjects can be covered to help diversify your offering.
  6. Create a link building and outreach strategy specific to your brand which can get your content seen by readers and ranking in search engines.

A typical content strategy developed by Search Natural will be delivered in excel or Google sheets and provide key data around the content pieces that we would advise you to write first, this might be keyword volumes, overall potential value, buying phase of the content and

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