Organic search growth specialists based in Falmouth, Cornwall (U.K.). Grow organic traffic to your website with advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques. Generate profitable leads directly from search engines.

What is SEO

SEO is the process of refining your website through a variety of on-page, off-page, technical and content strategies to acquire highly valuable traffic with no direct cost for each visit.

Why Search/Natural?

Work with us at Search/Natural and we can help you develop SEO strategies that:

  1. help your site outrank your competitors
  2. get your website in front of more potential customers
  3. make users more valuable by identifying and resolving obstacles to conversion
  4. deliver consistent long term value to help your business grow

In addition to traffic acquisition, we can help you understand the needs of your users and ensure your website is optimised to fully meet these needs.

Here are even more reasons why you should choose Search/Natural for your SEO needs.

What Search/Natural can do for you

We offer a range of services to help you reach your business goals through additional organic search traffic and leads.

Just some of our these are;

Find out more about the organic search (SEO) services we offer.

Free SEO Tools and Tips

Make the most of free tools and SEO tips and advice from Search Natural.

We enjoy creating and sharing strategic SEO tips, best practice advice and our observations from working in SEO.

Check out our SEO price calculator for an estimate on the cost of SEO for your website.

Request a full site recrawl with our ping your sitemap URL to Google tool or add the ping sitemap bookmark to ping any sitemap you load in your browser so GoogleBot can crawl your optimisations faster.

Check title tag lengths, meta descriptions and intro text length with our free tool.

Check the frequency of individual keywords from your list with our word count frequency tool.

Detect closely duplicated content and test text similarity with our text similarity checker.

Read SEO news and blogs with the latest insights and ideas.

Get quick insights in easy to understand Google web stories focused on SEO.

Why has my traffic dropped?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by website owners and there can be many different reasons for website traffic drops.

However, the answer can often be attributed to technical or quality-based issues with the current SEO set up of a website. Search engines like Google want to offer their users the very best experience possible so frequent changes and updates to search engine algorithms can have a very real impact on the traffic to your website.

If you want to find out why your traffic is dropping, we can help you to determine any SEO issues and implement a strategy to help you recover as quickly as possible.

How Search/Natural can help grow your business

Here at Search/Natural, our aim is;

To collaborate with businesses of any size, type, vertical and model to define and grow their profitability through organic search optimisation

Ensure that we train teams across your business in a best practice approach to SEO.

how to grow your business with SEO

Our methods of defining a suitable strategy are tailored to your business. Our steps to finding you the perfect strategy include;

  1. Understand your business – so we can identify which areas of the site to grow first.
  2. Identify technical issues – which may be holding your site back from success in the search engine rankings
  3. Ongoing website management – so you can rest assured your SEO is always one step ahead
  4. Work with key stakeholders within your business to educate teams to ensure the best practice approach to SEO is always a feature of future projects.

Find out more about our services and skills via our services page.

Why Choose an SEO Company in Cornwall?

Choose Search/Natural for your SEO projects and you’ll get;

  • effective SEO strategies communicated to you digitally through emails, Google Docs and Google Sheets or Google Slides if you prefer.
  • Regular catch up’s over Google Meet so we can fully explain everything you need to know.
  • Consistent work; we will help to implement our vision as well as advise on processes and concepts to ensure your SEO project runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Over 10 years of experience working in digital and perfecting search engine optimisation methods for clients just like you.
  • The personal touch; we don’t outsource work and ensure our projects are completed to the highest standards to meet your brief.
  • A good excuse to visit Cornwall; why not come and visit in person? We’ll show you round the best of Cornwall and talk you through SEO at the same time. There’s never been a better reason to business expense a trip to the county of Cornwall.

Here are more reasons why you should choose our SEO services.

Alternatively, you can find out more about our founder, Ben, via his LinkedIn profile or take a look at his twitter account. Feel free to reach out to him directly there or follow him for the latest SEO news and updates.