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SEO Cost Calculator

Use our free SEO cost calculator to get an accurate estimate on the monthly cost of SEO services for your website each month.

How our SEO Pricing Calculator Works

The SEO Prices here are indicative of the monthly fee you could expect to pay in the UK.

SEO service prices vary depending on the sector and size of the website that you’d like optimised.

Pick from the sector most relevant to your website niche, choose the number of pages that your website has and press calculate.

Our SEO calculator will provide an estimate as to how much you could expect to pay each month for SEO services in the UK.

Some high value sectors, like web3, financial services or wealth managers, energy and utilities, are charged at higher fees than others due to the high value and competitive nature of the sectors.

Prices for larger websites of greater than 100,000 pages will require a bespoke quote because SEO pricing for them depends on the niche, complexity, competitiveness and overall traffic volumes.

Our SEO price calculator algorithm can give you a price estimate to carry out organic performance optimisations on your website based on the complexity of your niche and the size of your website.

Smaller websites and small businesses can generally benefit from our services for lower monthly fees, this is because the complexity of small business SEO is generally lower.

Why Our SEO Cost Calculator is Different

Our website SEO calculator is based upon the number of pages on your website and the sector that your business website operates in rather than other metrics.

This is to offer a clear price for SEO services, so you can see what kinds of budgets are required for the size and scope of the project you have.

We prefer to refer to our SEO cost calculator as a price calculator because SEO can be considered an investment, not a cost.

As much as there is a cost attached to SEO; finding consultants and people to manage your SEO and define your SEO strategy, as well as tools to pay for, the returns you can make from paying for SEO can be limitless.

Looking for Specific SEO Services?

If you’re looking for an SEO service then we can help.

We specialise in offering business websites like yours, effective, cost efficient and organic performance optimisation services.

We’re experts in areas like SEO for finance and Y.M.Y.L. (your money, your life) websites.

Here are all of our SEO services and packages.

What is the Average Price of SEO in the U.K?

SEO pricing in the UK depends upon who you choose to manage the SEO for your website.

If you want to hand the management of SEO over to an SEO agency, you’ll pay;

  • £1,000 – £10,000 per month

SEO freelancers and consultants can be cheaper. Expect to pay;

  • £1,000 – £4,000 per month

Local SEO or small business SEO can cost a lot less. You could pay as little as;

  • £100 – £750 per month for localised SEO services

Remember; SEO is a skilled service, so don’t be surprised if the quote you receive is a little higher than you imagined.

Here is how to calculate how much to pay for SEO if you operate in the finance sector.

Create a Budget Before you Begin SEO

You should create a budget before you engage with an SEO agency or SEO consultant. Creating a budget can help you understand the costs involved in improving organic traffic to your website and the time it will take.

Here is what your SEO budget should be based on your business size, aims and goals.

What are you Paying For?

With SEO, you are predominantly paying for;

  • Knowledge and expertise – someone who knows and understands the right SEO strategy for your website will provide value faster
  • Experience – an SEO with a lot of experience in diagnosing technical issues and implementing solutions will be worth more to you than someone who is beginning to learn SEO
  • Time – it can take a long time to implement even some of the most basic optimisations in SEO, especially if your admin system is clunky or difficult.

Here are the services we can offer to help with your digital marketing endeavours;

SEO audits – choose an SEO audit to diagnose issues with your website. SEO audits are great for sites who have lost traffic or are struggling with technical issues.

Content Strategy – Get a deep and detailed content strategy to help grow the visibility and ranking potential of your website. Perfect for websites of any size and sector.

Technical SEO – Migrating your website? Redesigning your pages? We can support your big goals with efficient and effective technical SEO advice.

Link Building – Get an expertly crafted, bespoke link building strategy with detailed insights into your competitors link building methods.

SEO consultancy – one of our most cost effective SEO services. Get best practice advice, market expertise and strategic insight with our light touch consultancy service.

SEO education – upskill your teams and build SEO into your organisation with effective, detailed SEO training presentations.

SEO growth strategies – reached your maximum potential? Unsure of where your growth is going to come from? Choose our website growth strategy package to get an wholistic view of your website and your business to help you level up.

We are likely to be able to offer SEO services much cheaper than estimated here.

These estimates are to be used as guidelines only, in most cases you’ll pay considerably less than the estimate shown.

SEO is a long term investment designed to help you earn returns from your website weeks, months and years into the future.

Contact us today for a quote.

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