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About us

We have over 10 years of digital marketing experience working at some of the UK’s biggest comparison brands including Uswitch.com, money.co.uk and BankRate.com.

We can help your business thrive in a competitive online world through search engine optimisation techniques that will help propel your business upwards.

Climb Google’s search engine rankings with a tailored SEO strategy based on your business, site and goals.

There’s no one size fits all approach

We understand that different businesses have different priorities and tailor our services to suit your business needs.

From big site-wide enterprise SEO projects to the small, page level, detailed changes we understand what makes SEO work today and will show how we generate value for business owners like you.

Here’s how we help small businesses with their SEO.

Made with passion

We founded the business in 2019 because SEO is our passion. We wanted to focus on delivering growth to organisations and businesses of all sizes, industries and verticals above all else.

Our aims

Search/Natural’s business aims are simple;

  • Understand your business to develop SEO strategies that will deliver success in organic search to help your business grow
  • Work with you to identify changes to make to your website to help you excel in today’s search engine index.

Here’s more information about what Search/Natural can do for your business.

Our Founder Ben

Ben, (SEO Ben to many clients) is our founder, who has extensive experience in working on SEO for some of the U.K’s biggest brands.

During his time at Uswitch and money.co.uk Ben helped the teams there enjoy success; winning awards and delivering unprecedented growth in organic search profitability and performance.

We can help your business understand how it’s often the little details that add up to create big successes.

As an experienced marketing professional, Ben is well placed to help deliver growth your business.

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