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SEO consultancy

SEO Consultancy

We can help you improve the organic performance of your website with an SEO consultancy services.

You’ll get expert technical SEO advice, insights into how SEO strategies are put together and expertise from a senior SEO consultant.

What our Organic Search Consultancy Package Offers

Our organic search consultancy package includes regular support and updates to understand how your site is performing in search engines. We’ll give you advice, tips, strategies and actions to help improve the performance of your website in search engine results.

We’re SEO specialists, so you can always be confident that you’re getting the best advice directly from a search engine marketing consultant.

What you’ll get

As part of our SEO consultancy services we’ll provide;

  • 2x reports that give you insights into the best performing pages and queries driving traffic to your website.
  • 1 call per month, at a time that suits you, to discuss the previous month’s data and to offer you specific actionable advice on how to improve your website over the next month.
  • Answers to up to 10 SEO questions you’ve shared before the call with a written response to each provided after the call.
  • Time each month with an experienced SEO consultant to discuss all things digital and organic search related.
  • Competitor analysis
  • SEO process and best practice advice

Insights on the call can include;

  • Content quality tips and improvements
  • Technical SEO suggestions
  • Digital PR and link building tips
  • Insights into traffic pattern changes for your website
  • Recovery tips for algorithmic issues or dropped traffic problems
  • Strategic discussions around future content, product or website property development.
  • Marketplace analysis

We can create for you a detailed SEO growth strategy if you would like a more detailed roadmap.

We aim to help you build a clear roadmap to SEO success that encompasses all of the elements of SEO to help improve the volume of targeted traffic visiting your site.

What’s the Value of an SEO Consultant?

Our discussions will help you to;

  • Identify opportunities to improve search performance
  • Discover onsite optimisation methods & conversion opportunity identification
  • Find high value keywords
  • Create SEO campaigns
  • Determine digital PR opportunities
  • Successful SEO strategy definition
  • Focus your digital efforts on high return, low cost marketing
  • Help you get buy in from stakeholders about the importance of SEO
  • Easy to understand actionable advice
  • Independent opinions on roadblocks and conversion issues onsite

All of the above can help you improve the volume and value of organic traffic visiting your website and increase sales and leads.

Who Can Benefit from SEO Consultancy?

Consultancy packages best suit those who are;

  • Start up businesses that have some knowledge of SEO and implementation
  • Established businesses with resources and personnel to carry out the recommendations
  • Those looking for a low cost way to improve organic search performance for their business
  • Those looking to test the value of SEO or gain insights without the long term commitment

As your optimisation consultants we can offer advice on complex technical issues, content strategy and overall marketing strategy and direction.

Want more? Check out our full service technical, content SEO strategy and link building packages.

SEO Consultancy Prices

All of the above is available from as little as £1,500 per month plus VAT (£1,800 inclusive).

We require a minimum trial period of 3 months after which, there’s no obligation to continue if you do not wish to.

Whether you decide to stay or move on you’ll be given ownership of the reports and get to use them as you wish.

We do not consider SEO consulting to be a short term endeavour, so we ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months.

The SEO consultant cost indicated above is an estimate only, we can accurately price consultancy services once we have assessed your website and understood your specific needs.

What we’ll need

We’ll need access to;

  • Your Google Search Console account
  • Your Google Analytics account
  • 1 hour scheduled each month to catch up via Google meet, Zoom or on the phone.

Find out More

You may also benefit from a full website SEO Audit to kick off our work. Audits are priced from £1,531 + VAT depending on the size and complexity of the site.

I’m an experienced SEO consultant based in the UK with over 9 years experience in digital marketing. I pride myself on my technical expertise and have been operating as a WordPress SEO consultant and digital growth consultant for over three years.

We offer full technical SEO audits, content SEO and much more.

Contact us to find out more and discuss this SEO consultancy package with us.

Please email any questions you have or contact us via WhatsApp to find out more about Search/Natural becoming your SEO agency.

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