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Enter your list of keywords in the bigram counter below to get an accurate count of the frequency of bigrams in your list of keywords.

You can use frequently occurring bigrams to help cluster keywords from your list so you can understand the intent of large batches of keywords at scale.

Bigram Count Tool

Bigram Counter Tool

How to use a Bigram Frequency Counter for your SEO Strategy

You can use a bigram frequency counter as part of your SEO content strategy to help you;

  • understand commonly occurring two-word themes and topics within your keyword set.
  • cluster your keyword lists into these commonly occurring two word topics for analysis at a higher level
  • assess buckets of keywords, by topic for those that are relevant to the content you are building, for example you can;
  • find and batch high volume queries
  • find and batch high intent search queries
  • find and batch search queries into low competition buckets
  • find and batch keywords into popular or commonly searched for topics

With bucketed search queries, you will find it much simpler to identify topical entities that you will need to cover on your pages to allow you to rank effectively for your target groups of queries.

This type of analysis can be best suited to;

  • particularly large sets of search queries
  • enterprise level SEO campaigns and work
  • complex or intricate topics
  • topics which rely heavily on relational concepts

Pair your Bigrams with Commonly Occurring Words

Bigrams are useful to help you understand groups of two words which commonly appear together in your set of search queries. However, combining your bigram search query analysis with commonly occurring single words can help you take your analysis to the next level.

Use our keyword frequency counter to help understand commonly occurring words within your keyword set.

Combine your bigram analysis and your keyword frequency analysis in a single sheet, alongside your keyword lists and keyword volume data and you’ll be able to build pivot tables that can accurately assess interesting buckets and relevant content ideas for your website.

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