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Our experience creating SEO strategies that grow organic search profit and traffic is one of our key strengths.

We have developed SEO strategies for websites across many sectors which have massively improved the business’s profitability.

One example of successes we have cultivated is the SEO growth on the financial comparison website, this growth helped propel the company forward and ultimately led to the sale of the company for £80+ million to ZPG (Zoopla & uSwitch).

With the site showing signs of growth at the end of 2016 and into 2017 featured as one of Sistrix biggest winners in SEO growth between January 2016 and January 2017.

Revenue Growth from our SEO Strategy

Our founder, Ben was critical to the SEO team working on which grew the site’s organic traffic and revenue year on year.

YearRevenueGrowth vs previous year
2016£7.28 million
2017£11.46 million57.41%
2018£14.04 million22.51%
Revenue generated from organic (SEO) traffic alone to

Visit Growth from our SEO Strategy

YearVisitsGrowth vs previous year
201610.04 million
201716.31 million62.38%
201823.25 million42.51%
Visits generated from organic (SEO) traffic alone.

Profit from SEO

The figures above give you an idea of the revenue generating potential of SEO gains.

Profit, after direct SEO costs, would have been somewhere in the region of 98.07% of 2018’s revenue figures.

This calculations includes rough, upweighted estimates of direct SEO and PR team staff costs, SEO tools and tracking services and some PR budget. SEO strategy

As 2018 was the year of mobile-first indexing for Google, we decided to focus on improving the experience of the site for those browsing on a small screen device.

This meant, removing superfluous text boxes and above the fold blockers to the “main” content of our pages, which was very often our comparison product.

In doing so we drastically dropped bounce rate, improved time on site and also improved the number of visitors who ended up clicking out of the site.

Improving engagement metrics as we did caught the attention of Similarweb, a website that tracks user engagement across websites in different sectors. Given our design changes had such a positive impact on user engagement, we won the Similarweb award for the best financial services SEO strategy in 2018 (this page has now been removed from the Similarweb website, but a screenshot is available in the archive).

The archive page is available to read here.

An SEO Strategy for You

For us, being strategic isn’t about automatically adopting the latest marketing tool, suite or feature in Google.

It is, instead, about keeping pace with the latest developments in your sector and identifying changes that we can make ahead of time to ensure that your website is in the best possible place to benefit.

With a strategy, which incorporates website auditing, technical SEO, strategic content creation and link building, we can help your business grow within your sector or cross into new sectors to grow and develop your business against competitors in a new space.

Let us know if you want to chat through an SEO strategy for your business.

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